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Get Help With Your Asylum Case

Persons under threat of persecution or threat of violence in their home countries because of race, national origin, religion or political opinions can apply for asylum in the U.S. The Violence Against Women Act and the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act also provide asylum for victims of violence and human trafficking. Temporary protected status can also be obtained for certain victims of natural disasters.

Attorney Nancy Quinn of The Quinn Law Firm in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a strong advocate for foreign nationals who have been abused or face the possibility of abuse in these situations. The firm works to obtain asylum and legal residency for victims of violence and persecution.

Call 877-781-8091 to arrange for a consultation. An asylum attorney can evaluate your case, explain the legal process, and how The Quinn Law Firm may be able to help you obtain the protection provided by a U.S. visa.

The Importance Of A Trusting Attorney-Client Relationship

Nancy Quinn knows immigration law and how to obtain results in the immigration system. As an experienced asylum lawyer, she understands the fear many victimized persons feel and their reluctance to seek help. She works hard to earn the trust of clients in such situations because a strong attorney-client relationship often forms the foundation of a successful asylum effort. There are short deadlines to filing an asylum petition, and obtaining approval for a petition requires evidence of torture, abuse or threats. A trusting relationship between the client and attorney can enable the needed information to be collected in a timely manner.

An Abused Spouse Does Not Have To Stay Married

Persons who suffer abuse at the hands of their U.S. spouses need to understand that they do not have to stay married in order to maintain legal residency in the U.S. Under the Violence Against Women Act, you may be able to obtain a green card. The Quinn Law Firm can advise you in these situations. If needed, the firm can team with an experienced family law attorney who can handle the divorce aspects of the case, while The Quinn Law Firm addresses the asylum issue.

For a consultation with asylum lawyer Nancy Quinn at The Quinn Law Firm, call toll-free 877-781-8091 or contact us online. Initial consultations are free, except for employment law consultations, for which we charge a nominal fee.