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Assistance With Immigration Status Matters

When you have been living in the country for several years under a temporary visa, you may have considered becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) and ultimately a U.S. citizen. In order to become a permanent resident, you need to apply for a green card. Lawful permanent residency is the first step toward U.S. citizenship.

At The Quinn Law Firm, we understand the various adjustment of status (AOS) processes that put you on the path to becoming a legal permanent resident. Contact our law firm today at 336-790-4178 or 877-781-8091 to schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

Helping Visa Holders Obtain Green Cards

Our attorney, Nancy Quinn, is dedicated to helping immigrants who have built a life in the U.S. and wish to stay. She has in-depth knowledge of immigration law and can help you apply for a green card to establish permanent residency.

Ms. Quinn understands the different processes required for adjustment of status. She will help you identify the type of petition you need to file and the paperwork necessary for your petition. She will help you file the appropriate paperwork, making sure that everything needed is included in order to avoid delays.

The green card process also involves attending an interview at a consulate or embassy. During the interview, you will need to answer questions about your current immigrant status. Sometimes, the attorney will need to go with you to the interview. Ms. Quinn will gladly be by your side during the adjustment of status interview.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Begin Your Path To Permanent Residency

At The Quinn Law Firm, we work hard to maximize the opportunities for visa holders to continue building their lives in the U.S. Contact our Greensboro lawyer today at 336-790-4178 or toll free at 877-781-8091 for help with adjustment of status petitions. We offer free initial consultations.