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Were You Wrongfully Terminated?

At some companies in North Carolina, employees find themselves in a difficult situation. Their employer has decided to fire them without a good cause. In some of these cases, the termination has been made in violation of federal or state law.

You cannot be laid off because of your sex, race or age. You cannot be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You cannot be terminated in a way that violates a valid employment contract. If you have been wrongfully terminated, The Quinn Law Firm may be able to help you obtain compensation and justice for the wrong done to you.

Call 877-781-8091 to arrange for a consultation. Attorney Nancy Quinn can evaluate your case, explain the legal process and discuss how the firm may be able to help you.

An Experienced Employment Law Advocate

For more than 20 years, Nancy Quinn has represented employees in matters of employment law, including wrongful discharge, workplace harassment and retaliation, wage and overtime claims, severance packages, and other matters. She stands up for persons who have suffered financial losses, defamation of character and reputation, emotional duress, and impediments to career growth due to the illegal actions of employers. She has succeeded in many cases involving wrongful discharge and other workplace violations, and she will fight for you.

Remedies For Wrongful Termination Victims

The circumstances of every wrongful termination are different, as are the remedies available for the wrongfully terminated employee. These remedies may include compensation for back pay and benefits, attorneys’ fees, and reinstatement in your position. In some cases, there may even be provisions for future payments or punitive damages. Nancy Quinn will carefully examine the circumstances of your case and describe the remedies available to you.

The Quinn Law Firm will then build a strong and persuasive case, in order to obtain compensation and justice for you.

For a consultation with The Quinn Law Firm, call toll-free 877-781-8091 or contact us online.