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Did You Suffer Harassment Or Retaliation At Work?

Harassment or discrimination in the workplace can make every day a living hell. Even when they are off the job, the memory of sexual harassment or racial intimidation can cause victims intense psychological stress and sleepless nights, and dread at having to face Monday again.

Workers facing harassment and discrimination based on gender, race, religious denomination, ethnicity or disability do not have to tolerate this behavior. Federal and North Carolina law protects employees from workplace harassment and retaliation, and provide remedies for victims of such behavior.

The Quinn Law Firm obtains compensation and justice for victims of harassment and retaliation. Call 877-781-8091 to arrange for a consultation. Attorney Nancy Quinn can evaluate your case and discuss your prospects for obtaining compensation.

Relief And Compensation For Victims Of Harassment

The Quinn Law Firm represents persons in cases involving:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Religious harassment
  • Retaliation or threat of retaliation
  • Discrimination based on gender, race, religious denomination, ethnicity or disability

By taking action in cases involving sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination and harassment, you put employers on notice that such behavior cannot be tolerated.

If you have suffered from harassment, intimidation or illegal behavior in the workplace and complain to your supervisor or human resources department, the law prohibits your employer from firing you, disciplining you, or harming your career or employment status.

The Quinn Law Firm will fight to protect your rights, stop harassment or intimidation, and obtain compensation and justice for you. As an experienced employment law advocate, attorney Nancy Quinn understands how to use the law to stand up for victims of sexual harassment, racial harassment, wrongful discharge and other types of discrimination.

The Quinn Law Firm Will Work To Obtain Justice And Compensation For You

For a consultation with The Quinn Law Firm, call toll-free 877-781-8091 or contact us online.