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Workplace Injuries Archives

Injured in a job-related accident in North Carolina?

There are many types of jobs in North Carolina. Each job requires various forms of training and expertise and some pose higher personal safety risks than others. Still, every worker has the right to reasonably expect that an employer does what is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy working environment on a daily basis. One concern involves the potential for an employee to be injured in a job-related accident or become ill through toxins in the workplace.

OSHA sets new rules for job-related accident reporting

Regulations and guidelines that govern workers' compensation claims and workplace accidents vary from state to state. These variances can be rather substantial, depending on individual circumstances. Therefore, North Carolina workers could benefit from staying up-to-date on the workers' compensation rules in their state. In a recent decision, OSHA issued new rules concerning the filing of a job-related accident report when a worker has suffered an injury in the workplace.

Finding legal help after North Carolina work-related injuries

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, a worker who suffers injury or illness on the job is typically entitled to claim compensation benefits that will help pay medical bills and/or replace lost wages. At times, employees who have suffered work-related injuries also find that they have grounds to file legal claims, in addition to any workers' compensation to which they might be entitled. Recently, a company was fined more than $1 million in connection with several accidents that were deemed to have caused serious injuries to workers.

Studies suggest work-related injuries have recently decreased

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, some workers suffer injury or illness in the workplace that results in claims for compensation benefits. In the aftermath of some work-related injuries, an employee sometimes deems it necessary to pursue legal action in a civil court due to what he or she believes to be extenuating circumstances in his or her case. Workers in North Carolina might be interested in a recent article that discussed these issues and suggested that, in recent years, accidents in the workplace have decreased.

Workers' compensation due to employee who attempted a rescue

A recent incident occurred outside North Carolina at a sanitation plant. A crew was working on installation of a pipeline when screams for help were heard. The person yelling was screaming that a fellow worker had fallen into a concrete pit. The events that followed resulted in a workers' compensation dispute between the worker who then attempted a rescue and his employer.

Time limits can affect claims filed after work-related injuries

North Carolina workers who are injured on the job will want to take note of certain time limitations that might be significant with regard to filing a claim. Accident reports regarding work-related injuries are sometimes subject to a 30-day limitation where notification to the employer is concerned. Failing to report an incident within the required time constrictions could mean a loss of eligibility for claiming compensation benefits.

Work-related injuries cause problems for undocumented immigrants

In North Carolina and beyond, many workers are undocumented immigrants. A recent article pointed out problems that often arise for these individuals when they suffer work-related injuries. Although those who come to the United States without the paperwork needed to make them eligible for employment are being hired, they are not being given the same benefits as other employees when they are injured on the job. 

OSHA cites company in work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was recently called upon to investigate an accident that took place at a bottling plant. A temporary worker, in a state south of North Carolina, suffered work-related injuries that allegedly caused him to become permanently disabled. Reports state that the company was ultimately fined $84,000 for alleged safety breaches, which could possibly cause potential danger to workers.

Many against bill concerning job-related accident or death

It's a fact that some jobs are more dangerous than others. Employees in North Carolina and beyond deserve the assurance that they will be compensated should they suffer injury in a job-related accident, and that family members will receive benefits should an accident lead to the death of a worker. However, such situations  are not always so cut and dry.

Woman files suit against CBS, others, for job-related accident

Many television viewers may have a notion that production work is a glamorous and exciting profession. However, for the many who are employed in this field, the work may feel like any other job, especially since the danger of suffering a job-related accident is just as high as other occupations. North Carolina viewers may be interested to learn more about a serious accident that occurred during the production of a short-lived television series.