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Workplace Injuries Archives

OSHA and DOL: tips to prevent workplace injuries on Black Friday

Five years ago, a worker at a Walmart store was trampled to death by stampeding shoppers as he opened the door the morning of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Other workers at the store were themselves trampled as they tried to rescue him.

Worker injured by collapsed Vortex ride given no safety equipment

In the early hours of Oct. 28, a worker hired by Powers Great American Midways to help tear down the stands and rides at the end of the North Carolina State Fair was crushed when part of one of the Vortex rides collapsed. At approximately 3:30 a.m., a four-seat compartment fell from the ride, breaking his back in three places and fracturing his left femur and several other bones. His family says the man underwent emergency surgery on Nov. 1 and was still in serious condition the next day.

OSHA: nail guns cause more workplace injuries than any other tool

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, employers may be mistaking the balance between productivity gains and worker safety risks when it comes to construction equipment. According to the two safety agencies, nail guns send more people to the hospital with workplace injuries than any other construction tool.

Worker injured in North Myrtle Beach's 4th of July fireworks show

All jobs have some risk of injury, but fireworks technicians have to contend with a higher degree of danger because they’re working with explosives. That fact may have been driven home to you recently when a man was injured by a large shell which prematurely exploded about six minutes into North Myrtle Beach’s Independence Day fireworks show this year.

What caused explosion at North Carolina mill that injured worker?

Emergency officials recently responded to a three-alarm fire at a flour mill in North Carolina. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered that an explosion had resulted in a workplace injury. As a result, one man was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Puzzling accident injures 1, kills 1 at North Carolina paper mill

Not long ago, three workers contracted by a North Carolina paper plant were involved in an incident that claimed the life of one and left another with work-related injuries. Initial reports indicate that the three men were cleaning out a large tank as part of scheduled maintenance when an unexplained set of events took place.

Major meat processor faces large fines for chemical exposure

When Greensboro residents make grocery purchases, they expect the food to be safe for themselves and their loved ones. At the same time, people may not immediately think about the safety of the workers who processed and packaged their food. One national chicken processing and distribution company is up against a series of workplace safety violations for exposing their employees to serious injury or illness.

Balance work and family for a safer workplace

This one might be a tough sell with the foreman but a new study conducted for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that a better work-family balance make the jobsite safer and healthier. The Oregon Healthy Workplace Center report found that workers who better managed their time at work and their time with families were less stressed, and that in turn reduced the injury rate and made them more receptive to safety programs.

North Carolina ruling affects injured workers with multiple jobs

In an age of underemployment, many hard-working people have been forced to maintain more than one job to make ends meet. For those in this position who are injured on the job, losing the ability to work can be devastating. A recent North Carolina workers' compensation ruling may stand to benefit injured workers with multiple jobs.

Landmark worker's compensation case makes exception for shootings

As we have covered on this blog, workers' compensation laws have shifted in North Carolina over the last year. Meanwhile, a recent court decision in a nearby state shook up workplace injury laws and how they relate to civil court claims stemming from an accident.

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