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Workplace Accidents Archives

Wife of North Carolina job-related accident victim dissatisfied

Some North Carolina jobs pose a certain amount of risk and danger to workers. Still, employers are expected to ensure that workplaces are kept as safe as possible for employees. When a job-related accident occurs, employees sometimes file compensation benefits claims when the incidents have resulted in personal injuries. In tragic situations that have resulted in a worker's death, his or her spouse or immediate family members are typically entitled to receive those benefits.

Job-related accident takes life of North Carolina lineman

Certain jobs in North Carolina pose a higher personal risk to workers than others. It would be logical to assume that those who work with electricity are among those who face potential hazards daily on the job. It is always tragic when a job-related accident results in the loss of life, as in the recent tragedy involving an electrical lineman.

Work-related injuries possible risk to North Carolina immigrants

Many factories across the nation now employ Latino immigrants. North Carolina might be among those states that have reported a rise in work-related injuries among immigrant workers. A recent federal report indicated that among job injuries in 2013, an exorbitant amount of those injured were Latino workers.

Recent report gives stats on North Carolina work-related injuries

A 2013 report suggested that on-the-job safety conditions have improved in the state and across the nation. The report attributes increased workers' safety in North Carolina and other areas to federal and state safety rules and requirements for workers' compensation. A more recent account of statistics, however, reports that the number of employees killed from work-related injuries and accidents doubled in the state in the past year.

Employers fire man after job-related accident

Much has been written and spoken about the topic of a positive attitude and how it affects one's recovery from illness or injury. Recently, a worker outside the state of North Carolina claimed that he was unjustly fired from his position after being severely injured in a job-related accident. Losing his place at work, he says, has left him feeling disappointed and betrayed which has affected his attitude during the recovery process.

Job-related accident kills Lowe's employee

The large home improvement stores may be a do-it-yourself person's favorite place to shop. However, because these stores are so large and carry such a wide variety of merchandise and tools, the employees may face a higher risk of suffering a serious job-related accident. Lowe's Home Improvement -- which has its headquarters in North Carolina -- recently lost a male employee in a terrible mishap.

Even the smallest details can lead to work-related injuries

A recent review of injury reports for those employed in the construction industry revealed an interesting fact. While the industry itself contains multiple hazards, it is often the smaller details that can lead to work-related injuries. No matter how safety aware North Carolina workers are, sometimes the most mundane work can lead to an accident with serious consequences.

Man working on project at school suffers work-related injuries

Construction work of any type is often a hazardous undertaking. North Carolina residents who are employed in this field are likely aware of the risk of suffering work-related injuries. One of the worst fears may revolve around being buried alive, especially for those projects involving the placement of drainage piping. Recently, there was news of a serious accident involving a man working on a project for a school.

OSHA investigating trench collapse in fatal job-related accident

One may not think that a plumbing and heating contractor could face a life-threatening incident in the normal course of the work day. However, when the job entails the laying of plumbing pipes and associated implements in recently dug trenches, the danger of a job-related accident is definitely present. Recently, one man was caught up in a tragic nightmare and, even though it did not play out in North Carolina, it could be a cautionary tale for contractors in the state.

Family asks OSHA for steeper fines for fatal job-related accident

In 2012, a family lost their beloved 20-year-old son when he was killed on the job. OSHA initially fined the company for five violations -- two of which were dismissed -- and the proposed fines were negotiated down from $13,860. The man's family was outraged that a company could pay less than $7,000 for a fatal job-related accident. The fatality did not occur in North Carolina, but there may be families here who have endured a similar situation.