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Contract mistake destroys football players' workers' comp claims

Have you ever taken a look at your employer’s workers’ compensation policy? You almost certainly haven’t, but this story might make you want to. Three professional indoor football players were just denied coverage for their legitimate injuries because their employer was confused about the precise legal requirements for a workers’ comp insurance contract.

North Carolina orders workers' comp for so-called 'contractor'

When it comes to whether someone is entitled to workers’ compensation coverage for an on-the-job injury, one of the most fundamental issues is who the injured worker’s employer is. Since workers’ comp is provided by employers to employees, workers can’t make a claim if they’re not considered an actually an employee. So, for example, an independent contractor wouldn’t be eligible.

Injuries sustained during work trips not immune from compensation

As we've previously discussed on this blog, defining what does and doesn't qualify as "on the job" is a point of contention in many workers' compensation disputes. If a person is injured while in the normal course of the workday, cases might be easier to work through. However, some situations land in a legal gray area, which was the situation in a recent North Carolina work-related injury case.

North Carolina worker fatally injured by industrial saw

Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating a recent workplace fatality at a North Carolina plant owned by RSI Home Products, Inc. The incident involved a 35-year-old employee who had worked for the plant for eight years.

Handgun training at work ends with one worker shot

A worker in another state was shot during a handgun training session sponsored by their employer. The worker was a maintenance worker at a school, which was sponsoring the handgun safety class as an effort to allow faculty to carry handguns in schools. A news report on the incident says the gun misfired and a bullet ricocheted hitting the worker. The person was listed in fair condition after the accident, but it is likely that it will take some time for the person to fully recover. Bullets can do extensive damage to a person's body, and likely require surgery to repair.

N.C. workers' insurance commission found guilty of poor oversight

When a person in North Carolina is injured, or, in some tragic instances, killed while fulfilling the duties of their job, a number of governmental and legal regulations are frequently depended upon in order to both restore those hurt and their families to physical health, financial stability, and a position of justified dignity. Many of these regulations are upheld and overseen by the state's Industrial Commission.

North Carolina woman gets new chance at employer negligence claim

In the difficult months after her son's on-the-job death, a North Carolina woman was denied the opportunity to pursue a lawsuit, despite laws that should've allowed the claim to move ahead. The young man was employed by a staffing agency to work at a county landfill. Because her son was working for a subcontractor, the woman believes she should have the ability to pursue a third-party claim against the county.

North Carolina lawmakers anticipate workers' compensation reforms

As North Carolina lawmakers wrap up the current legislative session and prepare for next year, many know that workers' compensation will be a hot topic. Between reports of thousands of employees without accident coverage and restricted access to public records, many workers are concerned about the assurance and protection they deserve while on the job.

Workers' compensation: North Carolina employees left in the dark

Many North Carolina residents take comfort in the fact that state law requires businesses with three or more employees to carry workers' compensation insurance coverage. This policy provides workers and their families with peace of mind in the event of a workplace accident or injury.

Dancer deemed ineligible for workers' compensation after shooting

In the event of a serious workplace injury, many employees receive aid from their employees to cover medical expenses and some lost wages while they recover. North Carolina law requires most employers to carry workers' compensation insurance to provide reassurance to their employees when they fall into this type of circumstance.

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