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Workers' Compensation Archives

A job-related accident sometimes leads to legal intervention

North Carolina workers perform various duties each day that range from benign to extremely hazardous, depending upon the job. As in all other states, when a job-related accident occurs, workers who survive their injuries are typically entitled to file compensation claims for benefits. Under certain circumstances, however, a worker or the immediate family members of an employee who has not survived his or her injuries, determines a need to seek legal intervention in the matter.

Job-related accident leaves North Carolina trooper traumatized

A North Carolina Highway Patrolman who suffers from a traumatic brain injury has been involved in a battle since a tragic turn of events during his line of duty in Nov. 2009. The job-related accident took place when the trooper was responding to a motor vehicle crash. The officer was injured when a hydroplaning vehicle smashed into his police cruiser.

North Carolina mother seeks workers' compensation and back wages

A recent online article stated that the mother is the primary breadwinner in more than 40 percent of American households with children. Many women find it challenging to attempt a balance between caring for their home and family and holding down a paying job outside the home. Under certain circumstances, such as during pregnancy, that challenge can become magnified, especially if a woman feels that she is being treated unfairly by an employer because of her state-in-life. One North Carolina mother experienced this and has since sought workers' compensation and back wages to which she believes she is entitled.

Many Americans believe workers' compensation claims unwarranted

When one suffers a serious work-related injury or illness, the worry about lost wages likely adds to the pain of the physical injury. The majority of North Carolina employees who are unable to work while recovering are entitled to apply for benefits through the workers' compensation program. However, the program is not without its detractors, including approximately one-third of Americans.

After suffering a job-related accident, what should you do?

North Carolina has a wide variety of occupations to suit almost any worker's needs and desires. The majority of employers make every effort to provide a safe working environment in order to prevent a job-related accident. However, in spite of every precaution, at some point, you may suffer an injury or illness while on the job. Many workers may be asking what to do next.

Post office woes include increasing workers' compensation costs

The United States Postal Service has gone through a lot of change over the past few decades. The federal agency has been losing money on a regular basis, and the costs of workers' compensation claims have been blamed for further strain. This insurance program enables injured employees in North Carolina and elsewhere to make ends meet while they are temporarily disabled.

Chemical company's violations could cause work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an inspection of a chemical storage and handling company earlier this year. The inspection revealed several alleged violations that could lead to employees suffering from work-related injuries if not corrected. While the company does not have a location in North Carolina, workers everywhere might benefit from learning more.

Worker killed in job-related accident in North Carolina

Workers who have been on the job for a number of years are most likely well versed in safety protocols and best work practices. However, even the most experienced employee can be injured in a job-related accident. One such man recently suffered a fatal accident at a lumber mill in North Carolina.

Lowe's may need improving after OSHA reviews accident report

The ubiquitous slogan of "Never Stop Improving" is the tag on most of one popular home improvement company's commercials. However, after an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the company was given just over two weeks to make its own improvements -- in safety -- after the inspector noted the high numbers of injured employees and the required accident report for each. The company, which is based in North Carolina, also had several repeat violations.

Opponent critical of changes made to workers' compensation

One man, who is hoping to unseat a current governor, has expressed public criticism concerning some changes his opponent has made to critical systems within the state. The changes in question concern how the workers' compensation program is structured and controlled. Recently, a change was made that took the program from under a court-based system to one controlled by an administration system. While the changes do not have any impact on North Carolina workers, any such change may raise questions about each state's system.