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U.S. Immigration Law Archives

North Carolina immigrants may need help seeking asylum

Many people who come to the United States in search of better lives have fled their homelands because of extreme conditions of poverty or situations of imminent danger. Immigrants who cross the nation's borders undocumented sometimes approach immigration officials, requesting that they be granted asylum. A clinic outside North Carolina has offered assistance to those in such circumstances for the past 15 years.

Immigrant lives in North Carolina and beyond affected by act

On Oct. 3, 1965, the face of the nation was changed as a result of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The 50th anniversary of the act that affected immigrant lives in North Carolina and throughout the nation recently transpired. The act did away with quotas that were based on national origins, which, some say, resulted in preference being given to immigrants from northern and western Europe where visas were concerned.

Daughter of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina worries

In the news, recently, was the passing of a house bill that many say will have adverse affects for North Carolina immigrants. The daughter of undocumented immigrants recently stated that she will now live in constant worry for the sake of her brother and parents. House Bill 318 is the topic of her worry; it has apparently been enacted in order to more strictly enforce certain immigration policies in the state.

Some North Carolina cities offer immigrant identification cards

Some community leaders in various North Carolina cities have been working to provide undocumented immigrants with a means to legally identify themselves within their communities. The municipal ID cards allow an undocumented immigrant to access certain public services in their areas. Many local officials have stated that offering identification to immigrants without legal status allows them to support efforts for better public safety and immigrant integration activities in their communities.

Ceremony honors those who recently obtained U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and beyond, many residents have emigrated to the United States from foreign lands, seeking better lives for themselves and their families. Many have traveled far, and some have endured much suffering along the way. For some, obtaining U.S. citizenship is their highest dream. That dream recently came true for 16 people who gathered together to take an oath of allegiance as some of the nation's newest citizens.

Should an undocumented immigrant obtain a license to drive?

In a state outside North Carolina, a recent controversy has erupted concerning a proposed aspect of immigration reform regarding drivers' licenses. Many say that an undocumented immigrant should be able to receive a restricted license. Others are opposed to the idea, saying that only those with appropriate legal statuses should be able to possess licenses to drive.

Some say immigrant contributions are an asset to the nation

The topic of U.S. immigration law and reform continues to be a source of controversy and rhetoric in the nation. In North Carolina and elsewhere, thousands express their varying opinions on whether the participation of and contributions made by immigrants are a boost to the nation's economy and societal well-being. Many have publicly stated that an immigrant can be a tremendous benefit to his or her community and the nation, as a whole.

North Carolina debates immigrant identification issue

A heated debate has arisen among both political parties and the general public in North Carolina concerning an immigration-related issue. Whether an undocumented immigrant should be allowed to obtain and carry a municipal identification card is the matter being discussed. While some have voiced their staunch support of the proposed idea, others have contested it, saying it would be a danger to society.

North Carolina immigrants might need paper forms

Recent notices have been published that announce upcoming changes for those in North Carolina and elsewhere with regard to the electronic system that has previously been available to those filing certain immigration forms. The changes involve a discontinuation of the electronic system, necessitating the use of paper forms. Several types of forms commonly used by immigrants are to be included in the dissolution of the digital filing system.

North Carolina immigrants might have temporary protected status

In North Carolina and elsewhere, some have arrived in the state from countries that have been issued a special designated status. The Secretary of Homeland Security (SHS) sometimes lists certain countries under a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation. This is typically done when it is thought that reasons or conditions exist whereby immigrants residing in the United States would be unable to return safely to their homelands.