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U.S. Citizenship Archives

Assistance offered to those seeking U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, many thousands of people have emigrated from foreign lands. Many immigrants choose to seek U.S. citizenship once established in their new communities. An immigration advocate, who is also an elected alderman in his state, recently helped more than 100 people file applications to become U.S. citizens.

U.S. citizenship public ceremonies held outside North Carolina

Thousands of immigrants have taken up residence throughout the United States. Some choose to enter the process of becoming naturalized citizens. In an effort to raise public awareness and better connect immigrants with their surrounding communities, a city outside North Carolina has begun holding U.S. citizenship ceremonies outdoors so the public can participate.

An immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen then helps others

The Mexican immigrant population has increased exponentially in North Carolina and throughout the United States. However, one finds that although they emigrated from the same country, their circumstances are quite dissimilar. One person might become a U.S. citizen while another struggles to adapt as an undocumented immigrant. Some Mexican immigrants possess great wealth while others are barely able to make ends meet.

40 obtain U.S. citizenship, public celebration offered

In a state outside North Carolina, 40 people were recently honored in a public ceremony after meeting the requirements to become citizens of the United States. Those seeking U.S. citizenship had come across the nation's borders from 20 different countries. On a recent Wednesday, they each took an oath and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Krasinski and McConaughey celebrate U.S. citizenship of wives

Fans in North Carolina and across the nation shared in the recent joy of two television and movie stars whose wives took legal oaths in a United States courthouse. Both women obtained U.S. citizenship as their families gathered round in support of their achievements. Online social networks were abuzz with congratulatory messages in honor of the occasion.

Some without U.S. citizenship face deportation in North Carolina

Undocumented immigrants in North Carolina sometimes face a number of legal issues pertaining to their statuses. Those without U.S. citizenship might be served with a potential deportation and removal notice. In such cases, it can be beneficial to seek the advice of a legal professional who is experienced in immigration and naturalization law.

Woman sentenced for defrauding U.S. citizen hopefuls

Those who dream of one day coming to the United States in hopes of a better life often find themselves victims of fraudulent schemes. There are many unscrupulous people who offer to assist hopeful immigrants or even promise to procure U.S. citizen papers for a price. North Carolina residents who have suffered from similar schemes may be interested in just such a story from another state.

What is required to become a naturalized U.S. citizen?

You made the commitment to forsake all you were familiar with in order to pursue your dreams of a better life here in North Carolina. Now that you made the journey to come to America, you may also wish to one day become a naturalized U.S. citizen. It may be helpful to review the necessary requirements to apply for citizenship?

Group wants immigrants to know U.S. citizenship is attainable

Of the eight million immigrants that hold valid green cards and are eligible to begin the process of becoming naturalized citizens, well under 10 percent pursue it. Several pro-immigrant groups have joined together for a new campaign to encourage qualified immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship. This program may benefit potential citizens currently residing in North Carolina.

Steps to consider when trying to become a U.S. citizen

One couple recently shared their experience when they attempted to complete the naturalization process. While they held valid green cards and were able to renew their permits without difficulty, each one has been unable to take the final steps to become a U.S. citizen. While there may be many immigrants currently living in North Carolina, there are some important points to remember when beginning the naturalization process.