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Immigration Discrimination Archives

Immigrants may face unexpected challenges

Many North Carolina newcomers face a number of challenges when trying to integrate themselves into their new communities. Some immigrants find assimilation difficult because of discrimination, whether at school, in the workplace or during the normal course of their everyday activities. One man was imprisoned for more than 10 years for crimes the court now acknowledges  he did not commit.

Discrimination issue for North Carolina immigrants and others

North Carolina has become home to many undocumented residents. Each person's story is unique, some brought to the United States as infants, others attempting to flee conditions of extreme poverty, violence and danger. Many immigrants have succeeded in building successful lives for themselves and their families, yet continue to live in fear of deportation or struggle with issues of discrimination in private and business sectors.

Latino immigrants regularly suffer from workplace discrimination

In recent years, many immigrants have come to North Carolina and other areas in the United States in search of better lives for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, as they work toward creating better lives, many of these Latino immigrants become victims of discrimination. Fortunately, help is available.

Some North Carolina children suffer immigrant discrimination

The communities and marketplaces in North Carolina and throughout the nation are full of diverse groups of peoples, some born in the United States and others who have come to the nation seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Many immigrants have children and a recent report suggests that things don't always go so well once the kids begin to attend school. The report published by the Migration Policy Institute states that an anti-immigrant environment has led to discrimination against the youngest members of the immigrant population.

Some say immigrants are underserved economically

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, many have emigrated from foreign lands in order to seek what they believe will be more opportunity for success and a better future for themselves and their families. It is no secret that the issues of immigration policy and reform are controversial and ongoing in both political and private sectors across the nation. Aside from matters of legitimization of status, however, some say that immigrants should be given full economic citizenship, regardless of their legal statuses.

Court outside North Carolina orders release of immigrant children

In 1997, a settlement was reached in a lawsuit, known thereafter as "Flores," that defined the legal requirements which must be met at detention centers that are housing children. A judge in a state outside North Carolina recently ruled that immigrant children had been housed under deplorable conditions at Border Patrol stations. The judge found that, even in temporary holding facilities, there are requirements regarding safety and sanitation to which authorities must adhere.

Immigrant jailed in North Carolina files lawsuit against officers

A man who worked in North Carolina has filed a complaint in a federal court regarding what he says was a false imprisonment. The immigrant submitted an 18-page complaint earlier in July 2015. The claim alleges that three immigration officers and the U.S. government have committed malicious prosecution against him.

Child immigrants outside North Carolina given adult vaccines

An incident occurred on a recent Friday at a detention center outside North Carolina that some have labeled a flagrant abuse of non-citizens. The situation involved child immigrants and their mothers who were reportedly vaccinated without consent. Reports indicate that a mistaken dosage of one particular vaccine was given to the children.

H-1B holder accuses employer of immigrant discrimination

In a state outside North Carolina, an employee has filed a lawsuit against his employer. The man, who also happens to be an immigrant, is a former staff writer for a weekly news column. He claims that he was not paid just wages and also that he lost benefits because of reported tax fraud that his employer allegedly committed.

Man slated for immigrant deportation claims U.S. citizenship

In 2007, an incident occurred in a state outside North Carolina that resulted in a man being mistakenly deported to Mexico. The man was accused of violating immigration laws and was taken into custody. The immigrant said that he kept telling the officers that he was a citizen of the United States.