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Family Immigration Archives

Complications often experienced in family immigration

There are approximately 11.3 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States, thousands of whom live in North Carolina. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, the process of family immigration can be quite complicated, drawn out and frustrating for those involved. One couple in a southern state lost their status after their request for application to citizenship took more than 10 years.

Family immigration in North Carolina may involve education issues

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, numerous people have emigrated from foreign lands.  Many are families with children, who then become enrolled in the nation's schools. Family immigration issues become complicated for some who struggle to understand and navigate the educational system in the United States.

Finding legal help in North Carolina re family immigration issues

Navigating the legal system with regard to various issues of immigration can be a complicated and stressful experience for those involved. In particular, when circumstances are related to family immigration, situations might necessitate consultation with a legal professional. For those in North Carolina, it may help to know that there are experienced immigration and naturalization lawyers who are prepared to assist them with their legal needs.

Family immigration may lead to better life in North Carolina

It is not uncommon for people to come to the United States from foreign lands, seeking a better life. Many times, those emigrating are fleeing immediate dangers, extreme poverty or political or personal persecution that has led them to leave their native land and seek respite within the borders of the United States. Often, family immigration is undertaken, with parents attempting to bring infants, toddlers and/or teens with them as they make the sometimes dangerous journey to what they believe will be a better way of life. Some of those families might come to reside in North Carolina and might find themselves in need of professional legal advice when attempting to attain residency in the United States.

North Carolina family immigration sometimes includes a green card

Emigration does not necessarily happen for a whole family at a single point in time. In other words, sometimes, families are separated for a time, with some members coming to the United States while others remain in their native countries. North Carolina family immigration sometimes involves an effort on the part of advocates and U.S. citizens to help promote family unity by striving to obtain a green card for a family member to permanently join his or her relatives in the United States. Depending upon the circumstances, various family members may petition for U.S. residency through another family member already residing in the United States.

Those involved in family immigration sometimes turn to a church

A city far west of North Carolina is an ever-expanding center for population growth. Family immigration is a leading source of the population increase. Many have traveled through life-threatening conditions, deserts and the turbulent waters of an immense river in order to cross the borders into the United States. Many of these families find themselves needing help in order to provide even the most basic supplies and provisions to their families.

North Carolina family immigration procedures lead to public rally

The North Carolina governor's Executive Mansion was the scene of a recent rally and public call for action. Family immigration procedures are at the heart of the debate fueled by Governor McCrory's recent participation in a lawsuit against President Obama's executive orders to provide benefits to immigrant families. The crowd recently gathered outside the governor's mansion and expressed their anger toward his challenge of the executive orders.

Some immigrants in North Carolina and beyond fear deportation

A recent article was published that shared the personal story of a woman who has lived as an undocumented immigrant in the United States for 16 years. Some North Carolina residents might relate to the woman's desire to become a political activist for those who share her plight. Her inspiration to speak out was apparently wrought through suffering, after watching her husband face deportation which threatened to tear her family apart.

Woman on quest to help undocumented migrants avoid deportation

A young teacher reported that she grew concerned when many of  her students were routinely missing class. Her discovery into the root of the problem led her on a quest to help the undocumented migrant students and their families avoid deportation. Over the next decade, the woman, residing far west of North Carolina, earned a law degree and currently continues her work helping those who cross the border to escape danger and improve their living conditions once in the United States.

Fate of family-based visas uncertain

Families in North Carolina may be aware that two of President Obama's immigration initiatives are set to begin on Feb. 18. However, that start might be delayed depending on the decision facing a United States District Court judge. Both the fate of family-based visas and an impending shut down of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may initially rest with this one man.