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Shutdown won't stop the fight for immigrant families, DREAMers

“They shut down the government, but they can’t shut down our dreams,” said one DREAMer at the Oct. 8 Rally for Immigrant Dignity and Respect on the National Mall. As you may know, eight members of Congress and some 200 other participants were arrested that day by the Capitol Police on charges of “crowding, obstructing and incommoding” access to the closed U.S. Capitol building.

Woman adopted by, married to US citizens still facing deportation

A recent immigration appeal by a woman from Ghana highlights the hostility of some U.S. immigration officials, intentional or otherwise, to family immigration. The now-29-year-old woman was adopted by her U.S. citizen-aunt and is married to another U.S. citizen. Nevertheless, for nine years she has fought through byzantine legal rules and acknowledged due process violations, to avoid being deported to a country she hasn’t seen since age 15.

US begins normal family immigration process for same-sex spouses

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has now begun processing spousal visa applications for gays and lesbians in the same way it handles family immigration involving heterosexual couples. The change, which Kerry announced during a diplomatic mission in London, comes as the result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling in US v. Windsor, the case that invalidated the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Family visa limits in reform bill trouble Asian American groups

"This is the most far-reaching, invasive and detrimental proposal for immigration reform on the Asian American community in at least the last four to six decades," according to former California state assemblyman Mike Eng, who is now an immigration attorney.

North Carolina rally supports keeping families together

Across North Carolina, Mother's Day gave families the opportunity to celebrate the gifts and sacrifices that their mothers have made for them. While some mothers were likely treated to brunch and flowers, others were given free time and a respite from chores to enjoy some peace and relaxation.

Tech businesses shaping immigration reform

At the state level here in North Carolina and at the federal level in Washington, D.C., special interest groups use their money and notoriety to influence the formation of new laws. Presently, immigration reform is a hot topic at both levels of government and diverse entities are weighing in on reform efforts that may modify the processes of family-based immigration and other citizenship-related laws.

New American citizens in North Carolina focus on family

Across the nation, thousands of international citizens are diligently working toward becoming naturalized Americans. Just last week, fifty-one such individuals realized their dreams as they took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America in Charlotte. While many expressed happiness for their personal accomplishments, others turned their focus toward reuniting with loved ones through family immigration.

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