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Proposed law could impact immigrants in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Immigration

There is an ongoing debate across the nation as to how to handle illegal immigration in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Given the contentious nature of the issue and how it can affect people’s lives, it is important to be up to date on proposals to address it. Those who are concerned about their status and what the current and possible new laws will mean for them should consider seeking professional assistance.

Under the new proposal, sheriffs would be compelled to cooperate with ICE

Recently, a new bill was put forth in North Carolina that would require sheriffs in the Tar Heel State to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement regarding illegal immigrants. With it, sheriffs would be obligated to check if a person they have arrested is in the country legally. If they are not, ICE would need to be contacted.

It would also mean that when ICE has requested that the arrested person be transferred to their custody, the sheriffs would need to comply. This is known as a detainer. A detainer is used if a person was arrested for alleged criminal activity and ICE believes they may fall into the category where they could be deported.

The bill stems from allegations that many sheriffs have not been cooperative with ICE. Opponents of this bill say providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants without fear of deportation lets them receive essential services like emergency medical care. Its backers say that many illegal immigrants are engaging in criminal activity and should be held accountable.

Immigrants concerned about their status should have legal guidance

People whose immigration status is in question live in constant fear that they will be pursued, arrested and deported at a moment’s notice. Something as simple as a traffic stop could result in them suddenly facing removal from the United States. This proposed bill is sure to heighten their anxiety.

Before thinking there are no solutions to fight an attempted deportation and remain in the United States, it is imperative to explore the available options. Contacting professionals who specialize in these matters can assess the case, look at the circumstances and try to find a positive outcome. Calling for help is key and it should be done as soon as possible.