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North Carolina immigrants have trouble getting driver’s licenses

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Immigration

Immigration issues come in many forms in North Carolina. While most will associate the obstacles that many immigrants currently face with the possibility of deportation, the debate over Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), asylum, family visas and more, there are also everyday challenges that immigrants are frequently confronted with.

One complaint that recently came to light is the problem many North Carolina immigrants are facing in trying to get a state driver’s license. This is happening even for people who are legally allowed to have a license. Immigrants who are dealing with any legal issue related to their status and rights should know the value of experienced representation.

Legal immigrants say DMV is denying them driver’s licenses

The North Carolina Justice Center and the American Civil Liberties Union are asking for clarification as to why North Carolina immigrants who technically should be entitled to state driver’s licenses are facing problems in getting them from the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases, the DMV will give the licenses for a limited duration and not the normal eight years.

This is worrisome for people who are in the United States legally and need the license for employment purposes and to help their families. There has yet to be a clear explanation as to why the DMV is doing this.

According to the DMV, it does not give a license for a duration that goes beyond the person’s legal immigration. In other words, if a person has a temporary work visa, they cannot have a driver’s license that expires after the visa.

A representative for the ACLU said the DMV is using this standard even for immigrants who have permanent status or whose status is indefinite. An example is people who have a green card. For its part, the DMV says it is reviewing the request to clarify its policies.

For any immigrant-related issue, it is imperative to have professional assistance

This is just one problem that immigrants may face as they try to make their way in the United States. The current political climate with ongoing debate about immigration is difficult enough without people being deprived of their rights due to a misinterpretation or outright flouting of the rules as may be happening with the DMV.

People need to have protection when they are facing the possibility of immigration problems. This is true regardless of whether they could be targeted by the federal government or are simply not having their basic rights upheld. Contacting compassionate professionals with decades of experienced in a variety of immigration concerns can be helpful.