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The continually embattled green card bill

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Immigration

It should come as no one’s surprise that Republican and Democrat legislators are expressing both support and opposition to an immigration bill. The legislation would end certain limits on employment visas. Big tech companies are supporting per-country caps on employment visas.

Rare bipartisanship

The Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment (aka EAGLE) Act is scheduled for a vote in Congress during the lame-duck session. Both sides of the aisle are co-sponsoring the bill would end per-country caps on employment-based green cards for nationals to take away a significant backlog of applications. In addition, caps on family-based visas would more than double from seven to fifteen percent.

Those applying for employment-based green cards would involve workers on temporary visas in the United States. A growing number of workers, including Chinese and Indian nationals brought to the United States by various companies, are dealing with the most significant backlogs.

Immigration hawks are fiercely asserting opposition to the bill, claiming that Indians and Chinese nationals’ “domination” would continue to incentivize more applications. Some fear national security issues from Chinese Communist Party members.

In a statement supporting the bill, The White House claimed that changes would be gradual over the course of nine years. The goal is to avoid countries being excluded from securing visas during the phase-out of per-country caps. The Office of Management and Budget also claimed that the bill would improve the system and ease the significant effects caused by a backlog.

The complexity of the immigration visa process is not something to take on without the help of an experienced attorney with comprehensive knowledge of the pitfalls inherent in the process.