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Grounds for deportation and ways to avoid it

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Immigration

Relocating to the United States is likely a major event in your life. Whether it was planned well in advance or happened last minute, individuals enter the United States at North Carolina and other states for many different reasons. The purpose may be for a job, marriage, school or safety; however, when an immigrant is served with a removal, it can turn a very exciting or opportunistic situation into an overwhelming and confusing one.

Grounds for deportation

At The Quinn Law Firm, we understand that most immigrants facing deportation are not familiar with U.S. immigration laws. As such, our attorneys focus on providing this information so individuals can better understand their situation, rights and options.

When an individual is placed in the removal proceedings, it could be for various reasons. This could include inadmissibility at the time of entry or adjustment of status, violating the terms of their visa or green card, falsifying documents related to their immigration status, committing marriage fraud, committing a felony, unauthorized entry into the country or helping another person enter the country illegally.

Avoiding deportation

 When faced with deportation, it is common to feel helpless and like you have no options. This is not an easy experience to be in, which is why it is essential to gain more information about your situation, the laws that apply and what options you have when it comes to stopping deportation. By looking at the documents connected to your situation, it can be determined why you entered the removal process. This information can in turn assist with your options when it comes to stopping your removal.

In contrast, a voluntary departure may be the best and only option. A voluntary departure may mean leaving the United States, but you may not be barred from reentering in the future.

No matter your situation, it is important to take fast action to understand your rights. Our law firm is well versed in Immigration law and takes the time to inform you of your rights and options.