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4 paperwork errors to avoid on USCIS forms

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Immigration

The U.S. immigration process can often feel confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, many individuals make documentation errors that can affect the process and hurt their chances for a smooth transition. While every situation is unique, there are common mistakes that individuals must avoid no matter their specific circumstances.

Make sure to complete all sections

While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) paperwork is often confusing, it is crucial that you make sure to completely fill out all sections that are relevant to your situation. Leaving blank spaces (unless they are marked “optional”) might ultimately lead to a rejection.

Always check that the form is current

Government officials focus on reviewing and revising the U.S. immigration process on a constant basis. As such, they often alter and update the necessary paperwork. As you complete your paperwork, it is crucial that you check the USCIS site to ensure you are filling out the current document rather than an outdated version.

Always provide an English language translation

When completing the USCIS paperwork, you might need to include documentation as it exists in your country of origin. From birth certificates and educational transcripts to professional references, it is crucial that you provide an English translation of these documents. Without a proper translation, the agency could delay or reject your application.

Make sure to follow all deadlines

Whether it is the paperwork itself, or the government has requested additional information, there is most likely a deadline for completion. You must complete the process before the deadline expires, otherwise you could face delays or a rejection.

No matter what your unique situation or the immigration benefit you seek, an error, omission or mistake can lead to serious trouble down the line. It is wise to carefully examine the process you face and the paperwork you must complete so you can ask questions and put yourself in the best position for an efficient, smooth immigration process.