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Reverse discrimination case nets former exec $10 million

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Employment Law

We often forget that while most discrimination cases affect minorities, cases of reverse discrimination do accrue, and they are just as compensable as any other discrimination case. Indeed, the recent $10 million reverse discrimination case win by a former high-level hospital executive demonstrates this fact.

The alleged reverse discrimination

The discrimination victim, David Duvall, was a former North Carolina hospital executive. He claims that he was fired from his senior vice president position with Novant Health because of their diversity efforts.

Specifically, his 2019 lawsuit claimed that he was fired in 2018 because they wanted to replace him by a Black woman and White woman to increase their high-level employee diversity. As such, Mr. Duvall argued that his firing was a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Title VII makes it illegal for employers to take any negative action against an employee based on their race or gender. The jury agreed. The federal jury awarded punitive damages to Mr. Duval in the amount of $10 million against Novant Health.

Reverse discrimination is just as illegal as any other type of discrimination

As employers struggle to become more divorce, especially at the senior management and C-level, it is likely these types of cases will increase. After all, North Carolina employers find themselves in an untenable position of trying to be more inclusive without necessarily having more senior management and C-level to fill, but the public screaming for more diversity now. If an employee finds themselves in such a situation, where an employer has fired them based on an illegal cause (race, national origin, religion, etc.), then our Greensboro, North Carolina, readers have options.