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Pursuing a green card in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Immigration

Dealing with a temporary visa can be such a hassle when living in the United States. For one, you limited privileges, and when they expire, you are left with undocumented status and can be deported anytime. Therefore, let us look at how you can easily get a green card in North Carolina to enjoy the same rights and privileges as other U.S. citizens.

Reasons why you should obtain a green card

Getting a green card grants a legal permanent resident status in the United States. You will enjoy the same rights and privileges, as well as responsibilities, as a citizen. For example, you can join the army, work without obtaining the government’s permission, move freely within different states, and travel in and out of the country as any other citizen would.

Applying for a green card

The question that most immigrants ask is how to even start to pursue a green card.

  • The first step is obtaining Form I-485, which is the application to register as a permanent resident or to adjust your status as a person living in the United States. You can get this form through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.
  • After completing and signing this form, you will pay a filing fee, including your biometrics fee. You can also visit the USCIS website to learn the amount of the fee you are required to pay.
  • Ensure that you provide all the required documents and any other supporting evidence you need for your case. You can consult with an immigration attorney on the best course of action during this step.

What happens next?

After applying, you will receive a notice from the USCIS confirming that they have received your application. If required, you may be asked to appear for an interview. In North Carolina, you can get your green card in as fast as six months, but it could take more depending on the type of green card you are applying for.

It is vital to meet all the documentary requirements needed for your green card application. Moreover, it is essential to know what to say if you are asked for an interview. It would help if you had an immigration attorney to guide you through the process.