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Are you a U.S. citizen? You may be able to bring your family here

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Immigration

Citizenship in the United Stats may be granted in different ways. A person who is born in the country becomes a citizen at birth. An individual who immigrates to America may become a U.S. citizen through voluntary naturalization. Once a North Carolina resident is a citizen, they can use their status to help bring their non-citizen family members into the United States.

This post will discuss some of the steps that may be necessary to support family immigration based on the citizenship of one family member. No legal advice is conveyed in this post, and all readers are encouraged to solicit the help of immigration attorneys when they begin the naturalization or immigration processes. Immigration is a complex area of the law, and individual who wish to legally reside in the United States should take care that they follow the correct processes with confidence.

Relatives who may seek green cards based on your citizenship

A green card is a powerful immigration tool that allows an individual to legally reside in the United States permanently without becoming a resident. The following family members of U.S. citizens may be eligible for green cards if the citizen petitions for such actions:spouses; children; parents; and siblings.

It is important for individuals to understand there are some age requirements for both citizens and non-citizens in the family immigration process. A dedicated immigration attorney can help work through these matters.

Future spouses and their children

When a U.S. citizen intends to marry a non-citizen, the citizen cannot apply for a green card for their intended spouse. Instead, they may petition to have their future spouse receive a fiancé visa. If their fiancé has children who are under 21 years of age, those children may also be included in the fiancé visa for legally entry into the United State.

Initiating the process of legal entry of non-citizen relatives

Whenever immigration matters are undertaken, individuals should expect to fill out a lot of paperwork for the United States government. The answers and information that they provide on their petitions and applications can be the difference between approvals and rejections for green cards, visas, and other necessary documents for the legal entry of their family members into the country. It can be overwhelming to address these processes alone, and for that reason many people elect to work with knowledgeable immigration attorneys when they begin the family immigration processes.

Immigration attorneys not only can advise their clients of what options they have for family immigration but can also help them prepare and send their documents, address questions about their immigration petitions, and potentially manage appeals if their petitions are rejected. Immigration does not have to be a solitary practice. Legal help is available.