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The media is awash in stories pertaining to immigration issues in the United States. The stark reality is that behind every blaring headline are real people facing significant challenges. Among these individuals are children who themselves are citizens of the United States but have children who legally are deportable, including in North Carolina. Citizen-children face a number of significant, even overwhelming, stressors that include:

  • Separation from parents
  • Fear of parental deportation
  • Lack of consistently stable home environment

Separation from parents

A major challenge for citizen-children with parents who are not lawfully in the United States is the potential for separation from their mothers and fathers as the result of an adverse immigration determination. Parents without proper authority to be in the United States oftentimes have to move about for work or other reasons. In some cases, the decision is made to leave their children at a more stable location and not bring them along when they are forced to move about with some frequency.

Fear of parental deportation

The fear experienced by children of the prospect of their parents being deported is a very real concern. With alarming regularity, parents with citizen-children are removed from the country, and sometimes quite summarily so. The prospect of a child losing his or her parent or parents in such a manner casts a damaging pall over all aspects of that young person’s life.

Lack of consistently stable home environment

In other instances, parents lacking a current lawful status in the United States elect to bring their children along with them when they must move about with some regularity. This situation results in a young person lacking what can be considered a desired level of stability when it comes to a consistent home, school and associated environments.

Protecting a person’s immigration rights, and guarding those of a citizen-child, demands the assistance of skilled legal representation. When issues arise regarding deportation and removal, proactively retaining an experienced immigration attorney is a wise course.