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Is sexual harassment prevalent in United Way?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Helping Individuals And Families Achieve Their Goals Through Compassion, Dedication And Skill

Women employed by United Way Worldwide, one of the largest charities in North Carolina and the United States, have come forward to say that they were discriminated against and sexually harassed at work. An independent media investigation reported the women’s claims to be factual. United Way Worldwide issued a letter on Dec. 24 saying that the organization takes the situation very seriously. At the same time, United Way has hired a law firm that typically defends companies concerned that their top executives are guilty of discrimination and harassment.

Former VP allegations

The nonprofit’s former Vice President for Labor Participation says that she was fired by United Way Worldwide after the president of the AFL-CIO complained to the CEO about her work on sexual harassment. She spoke out and filed a formal complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission after some women on her team complained about union members fondling them while they worked with union officials during fundraising efforts. In a settlement with United Way Worldwide, the former VP signed a formal statement that she would not make disparaging comments about the organization.

Former marketing chief allegations

A former marketing chief filed a formal complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, saying that the CEO fondled her regularly and made inappropriate comments. She was fired months after making her complaint. The woman contends that after she filed the complaint, the CEO moved many of her teammates onto a different team while still expecting her to produce the same amount of work.

If you work for a nonprofit, you still have the right not to be sexually harassed at work. If you feel that you have been, then you may want to contact a lawyer with experience workplace discrimination.