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Immigration Petitions for Relatives

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

North Carolina is home to citizens of various cultures and from various countries. Many of these citizens are immigrants who had their own processes of becoming legal in the United States. One method if your relative is in need of legal immigration status is to petition for that relative. More information on this is below.

Who you can make a petition for

You are always able to petition for your immediate relatives to give them an immediate visa. These include:

  • Spouses of citizens
  • Unmarried children of citizens who are under 21
  • Parents of citizens

You can also petition for other family members in priority order. The first priority is adult children, and the second priority is for children and spouses of permanent residents. The third priority is for married children of citizens, and the fourth is for siblings of citizens.

How to petition

You should fill out Form I-130 if you want a relative to receive a green card. This will determine the relationship that exists between you and your loved ones. Those who are immediate relatives receive a visa after petition.

Next steps

After the immigration form is complete, your relative applies to become a green card holder if he or she is in the country. If your relative is not in the country, consular processing will begin in which the petition goes to the National Visa Center for approval. Determining preference will determine when your family member will receive a visa.

Final thoughts

The petition process is overall simple, but at times there can be complications. To avoid these complications, contact a lawyer who you can trust. He or she can help you to ensure that your relative receives the visa he or she deserves to be in the country legally.