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Former Bloomberg employee sues for defamation

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

The United States has enacted laws to protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. However, there are still cases of unfair and discriminatory acts affecting workers in North Carolina and elsewhere. In one recent case, a former Bloomberg reporter is suing the firm for gender and race discrimination. In 2018, the journalist resigned from the media firm on allegations of sex and racial discrimination against minority women. According to the reporter, she was treated as an intern despite being an experienced reporter.

The plaintiff was employed at Bloomberg’s Dubai Bureau in 2014 before a transfer to the Washington, D.C., Bureau in 2016. While working in Dubai, the reporter and another female colleague claim that the work environment was toxic. The male editors’ behavior reportedly brought them to tears often. Several employees in the firm agreed that there was a gender pay gap and that women of color were particularly disadvantaged.

Once she was transferred to Washington, the reporter shared a desk with another female reporter from South Asia. She claims that male colleagues often confused them despite having different job descriptions and looking nothing alike. Such behavior was part of the discrimination that the reporter alleges in the lawsuit.

At one time, the reporter sought to cover the United Nations, but her request was declined, and the position was given to a male reporter with less experience. An editor explained to her that the UN job was a diversity slot. Although the reporter accepted the outcome, she let the editor know that she was not a token employee.

After moving to Washington, the reporter had to evaluate her former manager, and she was honest about the evaluation. She addressed how the manager treated female employees and his anger management issues. However, the HR department did not follow up with her after submitting the evaluation. A Bloomberg spokesperson states that they did not receive a complaint when the plaintiff was an employee.

Are you a victim of workplace discrimination? The law makes it possible to hold discriminatory employees and employers accountable. You may wan to contact an attorney to review your claim and offer options on how to proceed.