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Attaining lawful permanent residency status brings someone one step closer to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. When Citizenship and Immigration Services decides someone’s permanent resident or green card status, a notification will go to the North Carolina address of record. Hopefully, the notice arrives within the promised 30-day window. If not, then contacting immigration services might prove advisable. Even when everything moves along smoothly, the newly lawful permanent resident may still have questions.

For example, the individual could receive a welcome notice or card that contains a misspelling in the name. Addressing such a problem might not take much effort. Notifying USCIS of this or any other type of error may come with a relatively expedient resolution.

Some issues may be more complicated than others. Lawful permanent residents should receive unrestricted access to employment in the United States. However, the person might not have the actual card. If not, did USCIS issue a stamp on their passport or a temporary document ascertaining permanent resident status? In addition, did the permanent resident receive an unrestricted Social Security card, which is necessary for employment?

The representatives at USCIS do make themselves available to answer questions about many other matters related to approvals. A direct phone call could lead to an appropriate answer to common questions. Often, people request an attorney to place the call or write a letter. An experienced immigration law attorney might be better suited for asking questions and then explaining the response to clients.

The possibility does exist that an application receives a denial. Removal orders may follow the denial, but anyone who receives a denial letter still has a right to an appeal. Discussing appeals steps and immigration law with an attorney might prove advisable.

Many lawful permanent resident approval notices arrive without problems, but mishaps do occur. Anyone who experiences minor or significant troubles could take steps to address concerns with the help of an attorney.