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Employees at Pinterest stage walkout

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

People in North Carolina who use Pinterest may be interested in learning about allegations of racial and gender bias at the company. According to news sources, gender and racial bias are a part of the workplace culture at the company, prompting workers to stage a mass virtual walkout on Aug. 14.

Allegations of racial and gender bias at Pinterest


The call for a virtual walkout came after reports of gender and racial bias were made by three former employees of Pinterest. The former chief operating officer filed a gender bias and wrongful termination lawsuit against the company, and two other Black, female employees alleged that they had suffered from racial discrimination while they worked there. The three allege that the culture at Pinterest was male- and white-centric with the voices of female and Black employees largely disregarded.

Push for action

Employees of Pinterest have reacted to the reports brought by the three women by posting a petition and calling for the virtual walkout, which was scheduled for Aug. 14. The company boasts nearly 400 million users, and a large majority are women. The petition asked for people to sign to call for an end to bias in the workplace at Pinterest. The company stated that it is reviewing the complaint filed by the former COO and wants the workplace to be inclusive.

Workplace discrimination that is based on the protected statuses of workers is illegal. However, as the case against Pinterest demonstrates, unlawful workplace discrimination continues to be a pervasive problem. People who believe that they have been the targets of illegal discrimination at their jobs based on their protected statuses may want to consult with experienced employment law and discrimination attorneys. The lawyers might analyze the facts and circumstances and offer guidance about the legal options that may be available.