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Legal issues surrounding pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Employees in North Carolina expect to work in a discrimination-free office. Unfortunately, even with laws on the books protecting workers from pregnancy-related discrimination, bias happens. Thankfully, victims have the option to take civil action in court. The emotional stress, however, could take a toll.

A published study revealed that women who faced pregnancy discrimination suffered from undue stress, postpartum depression and other issues. The study also showed that the negative impact on the mother’s health contributes to problems with the baby’s health. Such issues included possible heart issues and more.

Pregnancy discrimination may involve denying an applicant a job, firing someone already working for a company, disregarding consideration for a promotion and many other adverse actions. Under EEO rules, such actions are not allowed. Yet some employers do commit egregious acts as noted by the many thousands of EEO pregnancy discrimination complaints filed every year.

Medical expenses could arise from the adverse health conditions that a mother and baby suffer. Someone who is not employed and not receiving employer-covered health insurance might suffer financially in the aftermath of a discrimination-based termination. Health issues have the potential to be long-term problems as well; the effects of pregnancy discrimination could continue for many years depending on the individual case.

Workers benefit from educating themselves about workplace discrimination rules. Knowledge about the law could help someone take the appropriate steps upon becoming a victim of adverse action.

Discussing workplace discrimination with an attorney might also help set a course for addressing the situation. An attorney may advise on the merits of the case and what possible action to take. An attorney may be able to seek medical expenses, lost wages and punitive damages in court. Negotiating a settlement might be another option.