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Family preference green cards for immigrants

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

It is common under United States Immigration law for aliens who are family members of American citizens and permanent legal residents to have their cases for permanent legal residency prioritized. The green card they receive is granted in cases where specific family relationships can be identified. This process is important to understand for immigrants and family members living in North Carolina.

The first group of people that benefit from these family immigration regulations includes marital partners, parents and minor children of a US citizen or resident. Other members of a family that can gain residence in the country through family preference include adult children and siblings.

A completed I-485 application is the first part of the process for family preference immigrants who wish to obtain a green card. The applicant must be in the US at the time the application is submitted and remain otherwise eligible for an immigrant visa.

The applicant must have a current I-130 on file that establishes his or her relationship with the family member that is petitioning for his or her residency. It must also be confirmed that no bars to adjustment status are applicable in the particular situation of the applicant. These bars of adjustment are commonly attached to the files of individuals who entered the country illegally or committed some other type of immigration violation.

Aliens who wish to establish themselves as permanent legal residents must also conduct themselves in a way that merits favorable consideration from Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Family immigration is a complex area of the law that can become difficult for immigrants and their families to navigate on their own. These issues can also have a serious impact on the present and future lives of immigrant families. Individuals with questions regarding their residency status in America may benefit from discussing the matter with an experienced immigration attorney.