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North Carolina immigrants may need help seeking asylum

Many people who come to the United States in search of better lives have fled their homelands because of extreme conditions of poverty or situations of imminent danger. Immigrants who cross the nation's borders undocumented sometimes approach immigration officials, requesting that they be granted asylum. A clinic outside North Carolina has offered assistance to those in such circumstances for the past 15 years.

One man stated that he fled his native Cameroon in fear for his life. Federal law requires that credible fear interviews be conducted at the border for those who seek asylum. Some have been victims of rape, torture or other severe violence.

The man from Cameroon said that he was extremely relieved to have legal representation in the matter so as not to have to act on his own behalf at a hearing. Since 2001, the clinic has helped more than 170 clients in their quest of seeking asylum in the United States. Many times, language barriers, lack of understanding of federal and state laws or other personal issues create obstacles and confusion when attempting to navigate the legal system.

Immigrants who are facing similar issues in North Carolina and other jurisdictions can direct their questions and concerns toward an experienced immigration and naturalization lawyer in the area. A legal advocate is able to speak on one's behalf in court. He or she would also be able to guide one through the process of seeking asylum or filing any documents necessary for adjustment of status issues or other legal matters.

Source:, "Immigration Clinic offers life-saving legal representation", Anne Bergman, Nov. 30, 2015

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