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U.S. citizenship public ceremonies held outside North Carolina

Thousands of immigrants have taken up residence throughout the United States. Some choose to enter the process of becoming naturalized citizens. In an effort to raise public awareness and better connect immigrants with their surrounding communities, a city outside North Carolina has begun holding U.S. citizenship ceremonies outdoors so the public can participate.

A special initiatives manager of the town stated that she believes hosting these special ceremonies in open, public spaces inspires a powerful experience for many who have never witnessed such a thing. Approximately 20 immigrants were honored at a recent naturalization ceremony. Some of the countries represented there were Egypt, Brazil and Taiwan.

After publicly pledging allegiance, each immigrant received an official certificate and a U.S. flag from the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service. Presidents of two prestigious universities offered speeches at the Pittsburgh event. The mayor of the city is said to support the embracing of an international community by reaching out to immigrants to provide resources for housing, economic issues and citizenship.

Perhaps other cities and towns, including some in North Carolina, might follow suit in bringing naturalization ceremonies into the public arena by hosting them outdoors. U.S. citizenship is a very important issue for many who have fled their homelands in search of better lives. Still, the legal system, applications, documents and other aspects of the process can be quite daunting for those who desire a change in status. Help is available in the form of legal counsel and guidance which can be obtained by contacting an immigration and naturalization lawyer to schedule a meeting.

Source:, "Pittsburgh Holds Public Naturalization Ceremonies", Larkin Page-Jacobs, Oct. 26, 2015

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