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Regarding immigrant work visas in North Carolina and beyond

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, issues concerning immigrants who receive temporary permission to seek paid employment in the United States are an ongoing concern for many. The Immigration and Nationality Act limits the number of immigrant work visas available per year. A number of individual circumstances have bearing on whether a particular person might be eligible for a visa.

Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are listed in a preference category regarding the number of available work visas offered each year. This would include parents of children who are age 21 or older, spouses and children not yet 21 years of age. Sometimes, the demand for immigrant visas exceeds the number of visas available. In such circumstances, the system uses priority dates and waiting lists to develop an applicant queue.

In addition to issues related to work visa applications, some immigrants have questions regarding applications for adjusted statuses. Specific charts exist to help determine when an individual is eligible to file an adjusted status application. Medical examinations and immunization records are typically required in order to process these applications.

Immigrant work visa holders in North Carolina who are facing legal issues may contact an immigration and naturalization attorney in the area for consultation. The lawyer would be able to clarify existing laws and offer guidance as to how best to proceed in an individual situation. Those with questions about applications or processes involved in status adjustment or becoming a U.S. citizen may also seek consultation with an experienced legal professional regarding such matters.

Source:, "USCIS Provides Guidance on Immigrant Visa Availability and Priority Dates", Nov. 17, 2015

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