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North Carolina legal assistance for immigrants

For various reasons, hundreds of thousands of people enter the United States from foreign lands in search of better lives, greater opportunity and the freedoms that Americans hold so dear. Immigrants who have lived in North Carolina for several years sometimes choose to seek adjustments of status by applying for green cards. Meanwhile, others decide to take steps toward becoming U.S. citizens.

The Quinn Law Firm understands the often-complicated aspects of the status adjustment process. If you want to become a permanent legal resident of the United States, but you have questions or concerns regarding how best to proceed to achieve your goals, you can contact our firm for guidance in the matter. Our attorney provides dedicated service based on experience and an understanding of immigration and naturalization law.

The Quinn Law Firm helps immigrants who have established themselves in the United States and desire permanent residency through a work visa or by obtaining naturalized citizenship. Various petitions and documents need to be filed in both processes. Entrusting oneself to the guidance of an experienced legal professional can ensure that all of your documents are properly filed so you can avoid delays.

North Carolina immigrants and others who apply for citizenship are required to submit to interviews. Attorney Nancy Quinn is prepared to accompany you to this interview in order to offer advice and guidance as you undergo questions regarding your current status. She is committed to helping you maximize your opportunities for remaining in the United States and pursuing your personal and professional goals.

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