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Green card limits may affect potential North Carolina immigrants

Various limitations and restrictions that apply to those seeking to navigate the processes of attaining residency in the United States seem to favor those of certain types of countries over others. With regard to obtaining a green card, for instance, no country's applicants may apply for more than 7 percent of the available cards. This appears to affect those from larger countries in a negative way, some of whom may want to reside in North Carolina.

Naysayers of the current system claim that these restrictions amount to discrimination against immigrants coming from larger countries. Those who are seeking green cards from places like China, Mexico or India are sometimes forced to wait up to 21 years because of the 7 percent quota. Many seeking reform have stated that the system should be based on a first-come-first-served basis, rather than country of origin.

Some believe that ending such discriminatory practices would indirectly boost the economy in the United States. Many times, able-bodied workers are barred from entry, therefore keeping a potentially productive workforce outside the nation's borders. More than five decades ago, the nation took steps toward providing fairer opportunities for immigrants.

Those who oppose pre-country limitations say that the system is arbitrary and espouses equality in theory but fails to apply it in practice. Since North Carolina is home to thousands of immigrants, it is likely that many are concerned with these issues. Anyone with questions about green card applications or other legal issues surrounding visas and immigration in general can seek answers under the guidance of an immigration and naturalization attorney in the area.

Source:, "Why does the US discriminate against immigrants from big countries?", David Bier, Nov. 4, 2015

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