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Finding support if threatened with deportation in North Carolina

It can be very troubling for someone who has built a life in the United States to be faced with a possibility of removal due to immigration issues. In North Carolina and elsewhere, this type of situation occurs time and again. When the person facing deportation has a spouse and children, a potential separation can cause fear, stress and anxiety for all involved.

Nancy Quinn is an experienced immigration and naturalization attorney who has helped many people facing deportation proceedings. She is able to provide sound legal counsel and a provide strong and effective defense for her clients. Various other issues might be part of the reasons a person has been placed in removal.

Whether you've been accused of helping another person enter the country illegally, falsifying documents or committing marriage fraud, the Quinn Law Firm can help you explore all options available to help you avoid being deported. Supporting evidence sometimes exists to convince the court to allow you to remain in the country. In certain circumstances, voluntary departure becomes necessary; however, this does not prohibit you from re-entering the United States at a future point in time.

In addition to deportation, North Carolina immigrants may face a variety of needs that a seasoned attorney may be able to address. Nancy Quinn has extensive experience in handling immigration and naturalization law matters and is available for free consultation. If you are in need of deportation defense services or other legal help, you can call the Quinn Law Firm by phone or use the contact form available on our website. 

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