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Assistance offered to those seeking U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, many thousands of people have emigrated from foreign lands. Many immigrants choose to seek U.S. citizenship once established in their new communities. An immigration advocate, who is also an elected alderman in his state, recently helped more than 100 people file applications to become U.S. citizens.

The advocate once worked as an aide for a U.S. Congressman. He stated that he learned a lot from his former employer with regard to immigration advocacy and wants immigrants to know that they can seek assistance in his office when they find themselves in need of help in applying for citizenship. He offered a public workshop on a recent Monday in order to help people file papers to become U.S. citizens, as well as assist those with other needs regarding their statuses. The congressman, whose immigration advocacy efforts have been featured in a nationally televised special, said that he urges all immigrants with permanent statuses to apply for citizenship.

Some immigrants have sought help regarding their Deferred Action statuses. A 19-year-old who was brought to the United States as a child applied for a two-year work permit as a student and employee of Northeastern Illinois University. He encouraged those in similar situations to do the same in order to obtain exemption from deportation.

The young man expressed joy in the fact that, through his application and its subsequent approval, he has obtained a Social Security Number, a valid driver's license and a personal identification card. Application for U.S. citizenship, as well as processes for seeking Deferred Action or work visas, can be complicated and confusing, especially for those with language barriers. Seeking assistance from an experienced immigration attorney would be advisable in such circumstances.

Source:, "Ald. Ramirez-Rosa Adds Immigration Assistance Program to Ward", Paul Biasco, Nov. 17, 2015

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