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A job-related accident sometimes leads to legal intervention

North Carolina workers perform various duties each day that range from benign to extremely hazardous, depending upon the job. As in all other states, when a job-related accident occurs, workers who survive their injuries are typically entitled to file compensation claims for benefits. Under certain circumstances, however, a worker or the immediate family members of an employee who has not survived his or her injuries, determines a need to seek legal intervention in the matter.

An employer is obligated to maintain a safe environment for his or her employees in the workplace. This would include making sure that all equipment is up-to-date according to safety standards and regulations. An employer must also see to it that every worker has been properly trained and prepared for his or her position, especially when the use of heavy machinery will be involved on the job.

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas when two employees were using a scissor lift. They were subcontractors working on a warehouse that was under construction at the time. An accident occurred and one of the men was taken to a nearby medical center in critical condition. Sadly, he later succumbed to his injuries.

In similar circumstances, the spouse or immediate family member of a North Carolina worker who has suffered a fatality in a job-related accident may choose to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney. He or she would be able to investigate the events leading up to a loved one's death in order to determine if any possible sources of liability exist. In cases where another person is deemed responsible for an accident, the family member may choose to pursue a civil claim in court.

Source:, "Subcontractor dies after industrial accident at Lubbock Rail Park", Nov. 18, 2015

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