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November 2015 Archives

A job-related accident sometimes leads to legal intervention

North Carolina workers perform various duties each day that range from benign to extremely hazardous, depending upon the job. As in all other states, when a job-related accident occurs, workers who survive their injuries are typically entitled to file compensation claims for benefits. Under certain circumstances, however, a worker or the immediate family members of an employee who has not survived his or her injuries, determines a need to seek legal intervention in the matter.

Immigrants may face unexpected challenges

Many North Carolina newcomers face a number of challenges when trying to integrate themselves into their new communities. Some immigrants find assimilation difficult because of discrimination, whether at school, in the workplace or during the normal course of their everyday activities. One man was imprisoned for more than 10 years for crimes the court now acknowledges  he did not commit.

North Carolina legal assistance for immigrants

For various reasons, hundreds of thousands of people enter the United States from foreign lands in search of better lives, greater opportunity and the freedoms that Americans hold so dear. Immigrants who have lived in North Carolina for several years sometimes choose to seek adjustments of status by applying for green cards. Meanwhile, others decide to take steps toward becoming U.S. citizens.

Regarding immigrant work visas in North Carolina and beyond

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, issues concerning immigrants who receive temporary permission to seek paid employment in the United States are an ongoing concern for many. The Immigration and Nationality Act limits the number of immigrant work visas available per year. A number of individual circumstances have bearing on whether a particular person might be eligible for a visa.

Assistance offered to those seeking U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, many thousands of people have emigrated from foreign lands. Many immigrants choose to seek U.S. citizenship once established in their new communities. An immigration advocate, who is also an elected alderman in his state, recently helped more than 100 people file applications to become U.S. citizens.

Green card limits may affect potential North Carolina immigrants

Various limitations and restrictions that apply to those seeking to navigate the processes of attaining residency in the United States seem to favor those of certain types of countries over others. With regard to obtaining a green card, for instance, no country's applicants may apply for more than 7 percent of the available cards. This appears to affect those from larger countries in a negative way, some of whom may want to reside in North Carolina.

U.S. citizenship public ceremonies held outside North Carolina

Thousands of immigrants have taken up residence throughout the United States. Some choose to enter the process of becoming naturalized citizens. In an effort to raise public awareness and better connect immigrants with their surrounding communities, a city outside North Carolina has begun holding U.S. citizenship ceremonies outdoors so the public can participate.

Complications often experienced in family immigration

There are approximately 11.3 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States, thousands of whom live in North Carolina. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, the process of family immigration can be quite complicated, drawn out and frustrating for those involved. One couple in a southern state lost their status after their request for application to citizenship took more than 10 years.

Discrimination issue for North Carolina immigrants and others

North Carolina has become home to many undocumented residents. Each person's story is unique, some brought to the United States as infants, others attempting to flee conditions of extreme poverty, violence and danger. Many immigrants have succeeded in building successful lives for themselves and their families, yet continue to live in fear of deportation or struggle with issues of discrimination in private and business sectors.

Finding support if threatened with deportation in North Carolina

It can be very troubling for someone who has built a life in the United States to be faced with a possibility of removal due to immigration issues. In North Carolina and elsewhere, this type of situation occurs time and again. When the person facing deportation has a spouse and children, a potential separation can cause fear, stress and anxiety for all involved.