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Latino immigrants regularly suffer from workplace discrimination

In recent years, many immigrants have come to North Carolina and other areas in the United States in search of better lives for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, as they work toward creating better lives, many of these Latino immigrants become victims of discrimination. Fortunately, help is available.

Many of today's Latin-American immigrants obtain employment in the labor sector, when, in the past, the majority of immigrants were professionals. This change in the immigrant workforce has resulted in an increase in illegally withheld wages and other illegal employment practices. By withholding wages illegally from Latinos, employers become guilty of a form of racial discrimination. 

One city has recognized the need for unions for these immigrant laborers. Last year, with the help of the AFL-CIO, Pittsburgh created a council aimed at helping immigrants pursue their unpaid wages. The goal of one of the council's leaders is to stop the exploitation of Hispanic workers and prevent the creation of an underclass. 

Immigrant discrimination can come in many forms. Some immigrants who are subjected to discrimination may be denied promotions or endure wrongful terminations, while others may not receive the pay to which they are entitled. Regardless of the type of discrimination one endures and whether the city in which one lives has an organization aimed at helping immigrants, help is available in the form of an experienced immigration attorney. These attorneys are not only able to help with immigration-related problems, but they can also help protect the rights of immigrants living in North Carolina and throughout the United States.

Source:, "Pittsburgh area's growing Latino community getting more attention", Diana Nelson Jones, Oct. 26, 2015

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