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Immigrant lives in North Carolina and beyond affected by act

On Oct. 3, 1965, the face of the nation was changed as a result of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The 50th anniversary of the act that affected immigrant lives in North Carolina and throughout the nation recently transpired. The act did away with quotas that were based on national origins, which, some say, resulted in preference being given to immigrants from northern and western Europe where visas were concerned.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, immigrants, for the first time in the nation's history, were reportedly welcomed to the United States on an equal basis. During the week that marked the anniversary of the Act, George Washington was quoted as having stated that the United States welcomes any and all persons who suffer oppression or persecution. Many say that the 1965 act was meant to prevent discrimination toward immigrants based on country of origin, religion or other racial bias.

Some who opposed the act at the time stated that they preferred the United States to remain a mostly European-based nation. It is obvious that this did not happen and that, in the decades since, the nation has grown with peoples who have emigrated from a variety of foreign lands across the globe. Though 50 years have passed since the legislation was enacted, many immigrants claim they still face issues of racial profiling, fear of deportation and other legal problems due to their backgrounds or statuses. 

Any North Carolina immigrant who is in need of legal guidance with regard to his or her residency status, application for a work visa or other important issue involving potential citizenship may contact an immigration lawyer for consultation. Experienced legal professionals are able to assess a situation and provide answers to questions concerning the law, as well as provide resources and guidance with regard to steps that need to be taken in order to legitimize one's status, file a workers' compensation claim or address any number of other legal issues immigrants might face. A first logical step to take if in need of such assistance would be to contact a law office in the area.

Source:, "The Immigration Act That Inadvertently Changed America", Tom Gjelten, Oct. 2, 2015

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