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Family immigration in North Carolina may involve education issues

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, numerous people have emigrated from foreign lands.  Many are families with children, who then become enrolled in the nation's schools. Family immigration issues become complicated for some who struggle to understand and navigate the educational system in the United States.

A family from a state in the Northwest explained that, due to language barriers and lack of communication on the part of the school where their children were enrolled, they were unaware that they had options to transfer their kids to a better school. Their children had learned to speak English after a short time in their classrooms, but the parents involved still had substantial language barriers and, therefore, did not realize the opportunities that might be available to their family. It was only after a friend informed him that the father of the children learned that they could go to another school in the area that would provide an education better-suited to his family's needs.

Several children in the family were able to transfer and have expressed their joy in their new enrollments. One sister, however, was not able to take advantage of the educational opportunities because, the father said, they learned about the options too late. He said that it would help if the system would inform parents of such things, instead of the parents having to find out on their own.

Along with various programs in North Carolina that can help those facing family immigration issues, there are also immigration and naturalization attorneys in the area who can offer legal counsel and guidance. In addition to the average challenges of family life and parenting, immigrants might have need of assistance with regard to education, application for work visas, the naturalization process or other legal matters. Contacting an attorney for consultation is one way to address any questions or concerns one might have under such circumstances.

Source:, "New to America's school system, this immigrant family found itself playing catch-up from the minute they enrolled", Rob Manning, Oct. 9, 2015

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