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Daughter of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina worries

In the news, recently, was the passing of a house bill that many say will have adverse affects for North Carolina immigrants. The daughter of undocumented immigrants recently stated that she will now live in constant worry for the sake of her brother and parents. House Bill 318 is the topic of her worry; it has apparently been enacted in order to more strictly enforce certain immigration policies in the state.

The young woman has been in the United States for 13 years. She said that she is always fearful for the well-being and safety of her parents and brother. She tells her family members to text her so that she knows they have arrived safely when traveling to and from work or other places. Though the college student and her 17-year-old brother have a temporary exemption from deportation due to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, she said that she worries what will happen if her brother is stopped on his way to work and somehow forgets to carry his DACA card.

Several community immigration groups gathered recently in a public arena in order to protest the passing of House Bill 318. Many in the group stated that they believe the bill encourages racial profiling among law enforcement agents. Under the new legislation, cities of sanctuary, where immigration policies tend to be more loosely enforced, will no longer be allowed.

The new house bill and other policies may have an impact on immigrants in North Carolina. Anyone facing situations where they have questions or concerns regarding their statuses, work visas, green cards or other pertinent documents can contact an immigration and naturalization lawyer in the area for legal counsel. An experienced legal professional would be able to help assess an individual situation and offer guidance with regard to available options and how best one might proceed in a given case.

Source:, "House Bill enforces immigration laws in North Carolina", Danielle Chemtob, Oct. 2, 2015

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