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An immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen then helps others

The Mexican immigrant population has increased exponentially in North Carolina and throughout the United States. However, one finds that although they emigrated from the same country, their circumstances are quite dissimilar. One person might become a U.S. citizen while another struggles to adapt as an undocumented immigrant. Some Mexican immigrants possess great wealth while others are barely able to make ends meet.

In Mexico, a distinct separation of classes exists where the rich and powerful do not mingle with those who live in poverty. As more immigrants arrive in the United States, these clashes between the classes have worked their way into their new lives, as well. In one city, where the Mexican immigrant population has increased approximately six times since 1990, some of those who have substantial incomes have determined to break the traditional barriers, reaching out to their fellow immigrants in an effort to provide new opportunities and increase earning potentials.

A Mexican immigrant, who is a construction manager at one of the towers at New York's World Trade Center, recently stated that he realized things in the United States did not have to be the same as they were in Mexico. He said he has begun to get to know others whose immigration stories have not included such affluence as his own, and he has become aware that many of them are facing serious problems. As a wealthy member of the city's Mexican immigrant population, he now volunteers among migrant immigrants to help break the cycle of poor education and political representation in their communities.

This businessman has encouraged other affluent Mexican immigrants to realize the specific needs of the lower-class population and do what they can to help improve the standards of living among those less fortunate than themselves. When facing issues regarding education, business or other matters related to future earning potential, North Carolina immigrants might find themselves in need of legal guidance. If one has questions about the application process to become a U.S. citizen or other issues pertaining to his or her status, an immigration and naturalization attorney can be contacted to arrange a consultation, in addition to the assistance that many community programs have to offer.

Source:, "In New York, Mexico's richest immigrants lend hand to their countrymen", Tyler J. Kelley, Oct. 26, 2015

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