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October 2015 Archives

An immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen then helps others

The Mexican immigrant population has increased exponentially in North Carolina and throughout the United States. However, one finds that although they emigrated from the same country, their circumstances are quite dissimilar. One person might become a U.S. citizen while another struggles to adapt as an undocumented immigrant. Some Mexican immigrants possess great wealth while others are barely able to make ends meet.

Wife of North Carolina job-related accident victim dissatisfied

Some North Carolina jobs pose a certain amount of risk and danger to workers. Still, employers are expected to ensure that workplaces are kept as safe as possible for employees. When a job-related accident occurs, employees sometimes file compensation benefits claims when the incidents have resulted in personal injuries. In tragic situations that have resulted in a worker's death, his or her spouse or immediate family members are typically entitled to receive those benefits.

Latino immigrants regularly suffer from workplace discrimination

In recent years, many immigrants have come to North Carolina and other areas in the United States in search of better lives for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, as they work toward creating better lives, many of these Latino immigrants become victims of discrimination. Fortunately, help is available.

OSHA sets new rules for job-related accident reporting

Regulations and guidelines that govern workers' compensation claims and workplace accidents vary from state to state. These variances can be rather substantial, depending on individual circumstances. Therefore, North Carolina workers could benefit from staying up-to-date on the workers' compensation rules in their state. In a recent decision, OSHA issued new rules concerning the filing of a job-related accident report when a worker has suffered an injury in the workplace.

Language barriers may exacerbate immigrants' health issues

When a person leaves his or her homeland and immigrates to the United States, he or she undoubtedly faces a great number of challenges during the journey.  When immigrants have fled war-torn nations or places where their lives were in constant danger, their mental conditions often suffer. Many, in North Carolina and beyond, find that language barriers impede their ability to get the help they need.

Family immigration in North Carolina may involve education issues

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, numerous people have emigrated from foreign lands.  Many are families with children, who then become enrolled in the nation's schools. Family immigration issues become complicated for some who struggle to understand and navigate the educational system in the United States.

Finding legal help after North Carolina work-related injuries

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, a worker who suffers injury or illness on the job is typically entitled to claim compensation benefits that will help pay medical bills and/or replace lost wages. At times, employees who have suffered work-related injuries also find that they have grounds to file legal claims, in addition to any workers' compensation to which they might be entitled. Recently, a company was fined more than $1 million in connection with several accidents that were deemed to have caused serious injuries to workers.

Finding legal help in North Carolina re family immigration issues

Navigating the legal system with regard to various issues of immigration can be a complicated and stressful experience for those involved. In particular, when circumstances are related to family immigration, situations might necessitate consultation with a legal professional. For those in North Carolina, it may help to know that there are experienced immigration and naturalization lawyers who are prepared to assist them with their legal needs.

Immigrant lives in North Carolina and beyond affected by act

On Oct. 3, 1965, the face of the nation was changed as a result of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The 50th anniversary of the act that affected immigrant lives in North Carolina and throughout the nation recently transpired. The act did away with quotas that were based on national origins, which, some say, resulted in preference being given to immigrants from northern and western Europe where visas were concerned.

Daughter of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina worries

In the news, recently, was the passing of a house bill that many say will have adverse affects for North Carolina immigrants. The daughter of undocumented immigrants recently stated that she will now live in constant worry for the sake of her brother and parents. House Bill 318 is the topic of her worry; it has apparently been enacted in order to more strictly enforce certain immigration policies in the state.

Where to go for workers' compensation help in North Carolina

Some North Carolina workers might find themselves in need of legal help after they have suffered on-the-job injuries or become ill in their places of work. It is typically advisable to contact a workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible after a work injury or illness takes place. Workers' comp claims are often subject to limitations insofar as the amount of time a worker has to report an injury or file a claim.