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Why some North Carolina immigrants do not seek citizenship

Reports indicate that there are nearly 40,000 North Carolina residents and approximately nine million others nationwide who are eligible for citizenship in the United States but do not seek it. These immigrants have stated a variety of reasons for choosing not to pursue citizenship, with the top issue said to be related to financial cost. Some community leaders have urged those eligible to take steps to obtain citizenship in order to increase their opportunities within their communities.

It has been noted that immigrants can register to vote once they become naturalized citizens of the United States. However, one 18-year-old university student recently recalled that the process he and his family went through to become citizens was grueling. He mentioned the language barrier as posing particular difficulty for them in the process.

The mayor of Charlotte has declared an annual Citizenship Day in the city. This day of significance is meant to promote inclusion among immigrants in their communities. A member of the Latin American Coalition stated that much of the state's immigrant population is comprised of low-income families. She noted that if more people who are eligible would take steps to become citizens, they would immediately increase their earning potential and could be presented with more opportunities in their communities.

Often, North Carolina immigrants, as well as those in other states, have questions and concerns regarding the legal issues involved in obtaining permanent legal status and/or citizenship in the United States. It might prove helpful for those in such circumstances to consult with an immigration and naturalization lawyer in the area. An experienced legal professional would most likely be able to answer questions and help determine what options might be available in order to make the status adjustments desired.

Source:, "Citizenship Day promotes inclusion in immigrant community", Jenna Deery, Sept. 17, 2015

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