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Some say immigrant contributions are an asset to the nation

The topic of U.S. immigration law and reform continues to be a source of controversy and rhetoric in the nation. In North Carolina and elsewhere, thousands express their varying opinions on whether the participation of and contributions made by immigrants are a boost to the nation's economy and societal well-being. Many have publicly stated that an immigrant can be a tremendous benefit to his or her community and the nation, as a whole.

Those who emigrate to the United States from foreign lands often face a difficult transition as they attempt to settle into their surroundings and become productive members of society in their new homeland. The circumstances surrounding each immigration story are unique. The journeys of some have been less-than-typical, wrought with danger and even frowned upon by those who oppose their presence in the United States. Supporters, however, claim that the benefits of the presence of immigrants far outweigh any burden or negative result from their existence within the neighborhoods and marketplaces of the nation.

One person who recently wrote on the topic stated that people cannot accept and embrace the benefits that come from immigrant participation in society without being willing to also accept the occasional negative aspects that might arise. Many who cross the borders to the United States do so in search of a dream. Others say that they are fleeing a homeland where they have been abused, oppressed and persecuted.

Such situations can lead to complex and complicated circumstances when an immigrant desires to establish a legal and permanent residence status in their new country. Often, a language barrier exists that makes navigation of the legal system very difficult. There are professionals available who are experienced in matters of immigration and naturalization law who can assist those seeking resources and guidance with regard to their statuses or applications for visas, green cards or work permits. A first logical step to take for those in similar situations in North Carolina would be to contact an attorney for an assessment of one's case.

Source:, "Newcomers benefit our country", Gabrielle Wilson-williams, Sep. 2, 2015

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