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Some North Carolina children suffer immigrant discrimination

The communities and marketplaces in North Carolina and throughout the nation are full of diverse groups of peoples, some born in the United States and others who have come to the nation seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Many immigrants have children and a recent report suggests that things don't always go so well once the kids begin to attend school. The report published by the Migration Policy Institute states that an anti-immigrant environment has led to discrimination against the youngest members of the immigrant population.

The report says that ill-treatment of immigrant children has led to emotional, psychological and academic scars among those who have suffered such persecution at the hands of their peers. Research indicates that children as young as eight are able to recognize discriminatory remarks being made against them by other students, teachers and members of society. This is believed to have long-lasting adverse effects on their ability to function in an academic setting, in the workplace when they are older and also can inhibit their potential successes in social relationships.

Many children have shared stories of being excluded in games and activities, as well as receiving unfair grades and unjust punishments from teachers. Some have also recollected being ignored when they attempt to verbally participate in classroom discussions or try to give the answers to the teachers' questions. It has been stated that the negative treatment immigrant children endure throughout their academic careers and childhoods is most likely related to the achievement gap that seems to exist between immigrants and non-immigrants in the nation. 

Immigrant children in North Carolina are among the those in other states who are part of the fastest-growing segment of the childhood population in the nation. Some families who have experienced discrimination or emotional or psychological harm because of their legal statuses might wish to discuss their cases with an immigration and naturalization lawyer in the area. Doing so can provide clarification of state and federal laws, as well help to determine what options are available to someone facing such circumstances in the private or business sectors of society.

Source:, "A New Report Outlines the Harmful Social and Psychological Effects of Discrimination on Immigrant Children", Tanvi Misra, Sept. 1, 2015

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