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Ceremony honors those who recently obtained U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and beyond, many residents have emigrated to the United States from foreign lands, seeking better lives for themselves and their families. Many have traveled far, and some have endured much suffering along the way. For some, obtaining U.S. citizenship is their highest dream. That dream recently came true for 16 people who gathered together to take an oath of allegiance as some of the nation's newest citizens.

The Naturalization Ceremony was held on a recent Tuesday morning. One woman who had traveled to the United States 14 years ago to be with her husband said that she is very happy to now also be a U.S. citizen. Her native land was Mexico, and she said that family crises kept delaying her journey toward citizenship. The others who took their oaths at the recent ceremony came from at least 12 other countries.

The ceremony was held on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, which many in attendance found to be a fitting a choice. An officer from Immigration Services welcome those taking the oath, saying that they will now share the same privileges, responsibilities and rights as their fellow U.S. citizens. It has been predicted that 11,000 new immigrants will come to North Carolina this year.

Several of the new citizens stated that their day of celebration had been a long time coming. One gentleman said that he had entered the United States 16 years ago at the age of 10. He also said that although his parents were not able to be with him when he took his official oath, they are proud of him and glad he has now obtained U.S. citizenship. Often, those involved in the process of applying to become citizens find themselves in need of legal help. In North Carolina, there are immigration and naturalization attorneys in the area who are able to help those with questions or concerns regarding the legal process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Source:, "16 take oath on long route to US citizenship", Emily Weaver, Sept. 18, 2015

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