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40 obtain U.S. citizenship, public celebration offered

In a state outside North Carolina, 40 people were recently honored in a public ceremony after meeting the requirements to become citizens of the United States. Those seeking U.S. citizenship had come across the nation's borders from 20 different countries. On a recent Wednesday, they each took an oath and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

One woman, from Burma, said that she is proud and very happy to now be a citizen just like her young son. Another woman, who has resided in the United States for 20 years, became a naturalized citizen and was also honored at the recent ceremony. She was originally from Mexico and said that she feels very good to be a U.S. citizen and that, at the recent ceremony, she felt as though she were among family and friends.

Those in attendance say that the ceremony was a very moving event. It was held at a school in Oklahoma. Each year, the Tulsa city hosts 11 of these types of ceremonies. A district court judge who conducts the ceremonies said that it is his favorite part of the job and that the new citizens have all worked very hard to accomplish their citizenship.

Many immigrants in North Carolina might also be interested in attaining U.S. citizenship. Because the legal system for immigration and naturalization can be complex and difficult to navigate, one who has questions or concerns regarding the process might wish to seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney in the area. He or she would be able to answer questions and offer guidance as to how best to proceed when wanting to become a U.S. citizen.

Source:, "Road To U.S. Citizenship Ends With Tulsa School Ceremony", Annie Chang, Sept. 9, 2015

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