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September 2015 Archives

Some North Carolina immigrants want to avoid deportation

In a recent incident that was transmitted across international airwaves and Internet venues, a 5-year-old girl, born in the United States, made a secret plea for help on behalf of her undocumented immigrant parents. Videos of the child have gone viral. At the time, no one seemed to realize that she was trying to help her mother and father avoid deportation. Most thought she was simply greeting a religious leader who was visiting various states outside North Carolina.

Some North Carolina cities offer immigrant identification cards

Some community leaders in various North Carolina cities have been working to provide undocumented immigrants with a means to legally identify themselves within their communities. The municipal ID cards allow an undocumented immigrant to access certain public services in their areas. Many local officials have stated that offering identification to immigrants without legal status allows them to support efforts for better public safety and immigrant integration activities in their communities.

Ceremony honors those who recently obtained U.S. citizenship

In North Carolina and beyond, many residents have emigrated to the United States from foreign lands, seeking better lives for themselves and their families. Many have traveled far, and some have endured much suffering along the way. For some, obtaining U.S. citizenship is their highest dream. That dream recently came true for 16 people who gathered together to take an oath of allegiance as some of the nation's newest citizens.

Why some North Carolina immigrants do not seek citizenship

Reports indicate that there are nearly 40,000 North Carolina residents and approximately nine million others nationwide who are eligible for citizenship in the United States but do not seek it. These immigrants have stated a variety of reasons for choosing not to pursue citizenship, with the top issue said to be related to financial cost. Some community leaders have urged those eligible to take steps to obtain citizenship in order to increase their opportunities within their communities.

Should an undocumented immigrant obtain a license to drive?

In a state outside North Carolina, a recent controversy has erupted concerning a proposed aspect of immigration reform regarding drivers' licenses. Many say that an undocumented immigrant should be able to receive a restricted license. Others are opposed to the idea, saying that only those with appropriate legal statuses should be able to possess licenses to drive.

Father and daughter face possible deportation

In a case outside North Carolina, a father and daughter are facing allegations of wrongdoing in connection with marriages reportedly arranged to obtain green cards. The two recently appeared in court in order to have their bond amounts determined. The father, age 65, and the daughter, age 43, have both since been released with bonds met. If convicted, they could face deportation.

40 obtain U.S. citizenship, public celebration offered

In a state outside North Carolina, 40 people were recently honored in a public ceremony after meeting the requirements to become citizens of the United States. Those seeking U.S. citizenship had come across the nation's borders from 20 different countries. On a recent Wednesday, they each took an oath and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Untouched file causes stress for North Carolina immigrant

Many North Carolina immigrants are people who fled their homelands to escape physical danger, extreme poverty and/or political oppression. Some have been in the United States for many years and have raised families, opened businesses and contributed to the marketplace and economy of the nation. It is not uncommon, however, for an immigrant to face potentially serious legal issues when circumstances become complex and complicated due to legal status or matters concerning visas, green cards or other documents. One immigrant recently lamented that she is very worried about her future due to a delay in her application for a renewal of her work permit.

North Carolina workers' compensation issues involving illnesses

Workers will want to take note of recent advice given to those suffering illnesses in the workplace. North Carolina workers' compensation cases sometimes involve those who have become ill on the job, as well as those who are injured during the normal course of duty at their places of work. Those in such circumstances are advised to immediately report their accident or illness to the proper authorities.

North Carolina Marines suspected of immigrant marriage scam

A recent investigation involved service members stationed at a North Carolina Marine base. It is claimed that several Marines entered into fraudulent marriages in order to obtain extra benefits or provide a means for their spouses to apply for green cards in the United States. One immigrant, who is also a Marine, was convicted after a court martial in the case, but that conviction was recently overturned.

Some North Carolina children suffer immigrant discrimination

The communities and marketplaces in North Carolina and throughout the nation are full of diverse groups of peoples, some born in the United States and others who have come to the nation seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Many immigrants have children and a recent report suggests that things don't always go so well once the kids begin to attend school. The report published by the Migration Policy Institute states that an anti-immigrant environment has led to discrimination against the youngest members of the immigrant population.

Some say immigrant contributions are an asset to the nation

The topic of U.S. immigration law and reform continues to be a source of controversy and rhetoric in the nation. In North Carolina and elsewhere, thousands express their varying opinions on whether the participation of and contributions made by immigrants are a boost to the nation's economy and societal well-being. Many have publicly stated that an immigrant can be a tremendous benefit to his or her community and the nation, as a whole.