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Some say immigrants are underserved economically

In North Carolina and throughout the United States, many have emigrated from foreign lands in order to seek what they believe will be more opportunity for success and a better future for themselves and their families. It is no secret that the issues of immigration policy and reform are controversial and ongoing in both political and private sectors across the nation. Aside from matters of legitimization of status, however, some say that immigrants should be given full economic citizenship, regardless of their legal statuses.

A recent report suggested that, for Latinos in particular, there is an economic struggle that forces them to conduct their money business outside the financial mainstream of society. It is thought that at least half of all Hispanic households function economically without access to a bank account or traditional banking service. Those who use such services sometimes do so under strict limitations.

Some have suggested that financial inclusion in the United States and global economy be given to those who have suffered exclusion due to lack of available services. Payroll cards, which function much the same as credit or debit cards, have been mentioned among possible ways to make financial transactions easier for the immigrant population. Those who support such ideas claim that making these options available to immigrants would allow them to save time and money by gaining access to services such as online banking programs. 

One financial adviser has made it her mission to help raise public awareness regarding these topics. She has also dedicated herself to introducing immigrants to the technologies that she believes can bring them financial empowerment. Those in North Carolina who have questions about economic citizenship and how to obtain access to services and technologies that can improve one's financial navigation in both the personal and business marketplaces might wish to seek the advice of a legal professional who has a thorough understanding of state and federal laws regarding such issues.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Latinos Deserve Full Economic Citizenship", Julie Stav, Aug. 14, 2015

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