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Recall could affect immigrant standing in North Carolina

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency (USCIS) recently announced a recall of a three-year work permit. Any immigrant in North Carolina who possesses this type of permit might wish to take note of a recent publication discussing the recall. His or her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status could be affected by a failure to comply.

The permit in question is a three-year employment authorization document received after a Feb. 16, 2015 court order. Recipients of this permit have been instructed to return their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) papers immediately. The recent article stated that an online tool has been made available so that those who are in possession of a three-year work permit are able to check to see if they need to return it in compliance with the recall.

It has been reported that the reason for the work permit recall is that, following the Feb. 2015 court order, USCIS only approves DACA work permit requests for two-year periods. Information provided states that those who might have received a three-year permit prior to the court injunction date are not required to return their EAD papers. Apparently, there were approximately 2,100 work permit documents mistakenly sent out after the court order.

Any North Carolina immigrant who is unsure whether his or her three-year work permit is part of the recall action can find out by accessing the available tools online. However, someone with questions or concerns regarding his or her work permit or DACA status might choose to contact an attorney in the area who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. An experienced legal professional would be able to assess an individual case and help determine the best way to proceed in the matter.

Source:, "DACA Recipients Who Received 3-Year Work Permit Post-Injunction: Quick Facts", Accessed on Aug. 4, 2015

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